Device of the Week #4 – ProPILOT Chair

ProPILOT Chair is a chair with weight sensor and motor install into it, making it part of the mechanics on how it would work. The primary function of ProPILOT Chair was to allowed people to stay seated while the chair rearranged the queue, eliminating any people with the intention of cutting the queue. The invention also made it easier for people to proceed on their business(scrolling through their phone), while the chair moved by itself to the front .

Component – Chair, Weight Sensor, Motor, Software, Sensor for dictate where the chair move

The device could have great use if the person is disabled. The technology could be considered a double edge sword that could spoil the public. However, this device could be a good way to manage crowds and the waiter could tell if there is a queue outside of their establishment. It is also better for elderlies or children as they might not have the strength to keep on standing for long periods of time.



Author: Goh Cher See

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