Final Project idea #1


For my final project, I wanted to do make a simple number game where a group of player interacts with the device to change the number. I had sketched up how the product was going to look like and how it would likely function. I was inspired by the example Daito Manabe when it was first shown to me. I wanted to work with electric shock and this was one of my ideas.

Component – Arduino, Laptop, Monitor Screen, Electric shock pad, Buttons, Controller.

Rules for the Game

This would be a turn-based game that requires a group of 2-4 people in order for the game to work. A random number(number A) would be generated at the beginning of the game, from 1- 40. Number A would be hidden from all players. At the same time, another number(number B) would be shown to all players, the value of Number B is 0. For each turn, a player can get to press the button that was issued to them, up to 5 times, then rotate clockwise to the second player, so on and so forth. Each button press would add 1 value to number B. If number A and number B line up, a shock would be dispensed to the player that last press the button.



Author: Goh Cher See

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