The idea to do make an interactive narrative that told the story of everyday Singaporean life. I would add in 5 short stories that allowed the player to make choices and each choice would lead to a different ending. There will not be any right or wrong choices, and whatever choices the player chose would lead to the next stage in the interactive narrative.

I will be including some video references below.


I have always been interested in the storytelling in the form of traditional medium, like Indonesia’s Wayang Kulit or Tawan’s Glove Puppetry. The rigid movement of the traditional medium seems really appealing and appropriate for this project. At the same time, I wanted to use this FYP as an excuse to improve my skillsets in painting. Therefore, it would be a combination of both.

I will be including some video references below.

Things to do

  • A flow chart for the narrative of the project
  • Collect stories every day
  • Decide on which platform/program to work on

Author: Goh Cher See

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