Lore: Transportation


Land Transportation

The Kingdom of Ashania is set in a world called, Miriandynus. Transportation in Miriandynus is troublesome, very troublesome. Traders and merchants travels with their goods, using mainly animal-drawn wheeled vehicle. Utilising horse, donkey, camel, sometimes even elephant and mutaki. 

Mutaki is a type of mammal, a hybrid between a cow and snail, with a hard shell covering its neck, hind legs and body. Mutaki is about 15 feet tall and weighs around 18,000lbs, their shells come in different sizes, shapes and patterns. The most prized Mutaki usually come from the far east side to Ashania, the one with a matte black, dome-like shell on its back, only reveals its beautiful colours and patterns under moonlight . It is said that Mutaki can carry goods up to thrice its body weight, saving traders and merchants an extra trip, with the only disadvantage being its slow speed.

In the world of Miriandynus, bandits and beast often loitered around the forests near the trading roads, ambushed any traders and travellers alike. To combat such problems, sellswords were hired to guard the caravan from such attacks during its trip. However, mercenary is hard to come by and usually comes with a high price.

Therefore, merchants and trader utilizes a technique called Inna da Inna to distract its enemy.

Inna da Inna is an elvish word for basket to basket, utilizing a minimum of three wheeled vehicles to successfully pull off the technique. The caravan will travel in a straight roll, with most of its valuable items in the middle wagon. The first and the last vehicles usually contains fake gems, jewelries and sometimes food. When an attack is launched, traders will abandon its first and last wagon to the enemy, fleeing with only the middle one.

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