Second Front live interview review

The Second Front interview was a refreshing and interesting live broadcast. I was actually looking forward to the live interview and log in to adobe connect early to catch a glimpse of the content of the video. I was at that point formulating a question that I could ask the Second Front crew later on in the interview.

The interview started. It was a new experience to me that I get to see the faces of the people that were behind the Second Front’s avatar. All of the members of the Second Front crew were looking great and fashionable. The interview discussed the process behind the world, how they consider the audiences and social issues and we were able to ask them questions on the chatting section.

I have to say that the interview did not go well in the beginning. There were latency and lag from each live feed. At one point, the host’s (randall parker) adobe connect crash, resulting in me getting disconnected with the meeting as well. However, the content and the process shared by the members of Second Front were very educational and have taught me a lot about the “third space”. It has also come to my mind that the interview was similar to the one that was done by the Videofreex. I was able to interact with the video and they were able to interact back, the “virtual leakage” concept was still present ever in the interview.

In Conclusion, the Second Front interview with Randall Parker as the host was an eye-opening experience for me. I was glad that I had the chance to peek behind the curtain to analyze the process of their work and their further plan in Second Life.

Author: Goh Cher See

I was Cher See

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  1. Yes, there is always a degree of risk and error with these events, as you point out. I hope you were able to log back in again after the crash. Apparently the NTU network went down briefly, which explains why several students lost the connection as well. I am curious about the question you were going to ask? You could post here in this essay. Yes, there certainly was interaction between the participants, I am curious how you equate that to virtual leakage, since we were all together in the third space. And yes, as you point out, Second Front was quite fashionable, most likely since they feel the need to compete with their even more fashionable avatars!

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