Lore: Architecture



The Architecture in Ashania is grand and functional, but mainly built for the purpose of impressing, to show off their wealth. There are three major key factors that Ashanian architect considered before designing and building their houses.

First and foremost, the quality of air. In the vast, populated kingdom of Ashania, it is not uncommon to see gigantic walls and titanic castle at every corner. However, the wall and castle blocked off winds and causes the air around to be hot and stuffy. With regular precipitation and the air being warmer, it is the breeding ground for many disease to plague local Ashanians. To resolve this issue, some building have in-built air ventilation system, by building pipes that reached the top of the building, using the wind’s kinetic energy to ventilate the houses. While some uses magic to do so, the most traditional and ingenious way to achieve ventilations is using fire. Built on the theory that hot air rises, a simple fireplace heats the stuffy air in the building, causing them to rise and forces the cool air around the environment to ventilate the building. Because of the effectiveness of this method, many Ashanian’s architectures comes with a in-built fireplace.

Secondly, the weather. Ashania’s weather is known for it changeable characteristic, bringing about an old Ashanians saying, “Snowing today, raining tomorrow”. The unpredictable nature forces the architect to use some unorthodox method to solve their problem. Of course, magic is often used to keep the building warm during winter period and cool during summer. Ashanians architect realised that grey mudstone is extremely effective in insulating heat and releasing the build up during winter. However, this wonderful discoveries was not well received by local Ashanian’s lords and ladies, due to the dull appearances of the grey mudstone. As Ashanian’s architecture is built to impress, a layer of dressing stone or wood is added on top of the grey mudstone, allowing craftsmen and artist to decorate the building. The grey mudstone was found in the southern part of Miriandynus, and its value was greatly appreciated when traders exported it to Ashania. Many commoners and farmers were unable to afford such prices, and will just have to make do with their fireplace.

Lastly, the religious function. Ashanian is no doubt a religious kingdom. Priest and priestess were often found on the street, spreading the teachings of Gadreel. Therefore the architect often have to consider the lighting and atmosphere of the architecture. In every household of Ashania, the best lighting were often reserved for religious function.

The Ashania’s Architecture is no doubt beautiful and grand. There are many architecture issue that was solved using ingenious and clever method, proving the prowess of the architect’s design.