Lore: Festival



The Ashania kingdom celebrated many events, it’s festival ranges from the celebration of the first harvests to the offerings of the Gareel. In fact, Ashania had so many celebrations and festivals, that there are at least 8 days of holidays every month throughout the whole year.

The most prominent festival that showed the jubilee spirit of Ashania has to be The Tyrant’s week. The origin of the festival came from an event 650 years ago when Ashania was still ruled by the Old Tyrant King, Seifer Vandran Bonia Da Ashania. The old tyrant was ruthless and cruel, torturing Ashanians with high tax rate and waging wars with neighbour nations, crippling Ashania’s economical and political well being. It was when Seifer finally hind his counsel’s advices to hold a celebration for the victorious battle against a neighbouring country named Celifron, located to the south of Ashania. For eight days, Ashanians peasants and farmers did not have to pay taxes and soldiers gets to return home to celebrate with their family. The Colosseum of Bornia held gladiatorial fights for eight days straight. The old tyrant would visit the Colosseum daily to enjoy the fights and gets to decide if the victor gets the pleasure of finishing the opponent off.

It was on the last day of the festival when Seifer was deciding whether to give the victor the pleasure. The victorious Gladiator, Goin, flexes his muscles and tendon, winding his body like a spring, and in a spit of a second, releasing his spear, hurling it towards the direction of the Tyrant king. The spear travelled through the sea of crowds and pieced through the chest of the Tyrant, ending his 50 years reign. Ashania celebrated for another ten days for the death of Seifer.

For eighteen days straight, local Ashanians would prepare tons of delicacy and delicious treats for the family daily. The kingdom would be filled with cheery shouts and waving hands. There would be performances and mascot parading at the common square and streets, illustrating the events where the hero, Goin, slayed the Old Tyrant King with his signature wavy bladed spear, resembling something like a flamberge sword. The festival was an attraction for many travellers and merchants, being promise of the businesses and money that would be made during such festival.

The festival also celebrates the opening of Ashania to the world. After the death of Seifer, Ashania opened up their seaports and trading route for merchants and travellers all over Miriandynus to trade, increasing their wealth to mitigate the expenses spent on 32 years of warring and besieging.