Chapter 1: The Meeting

Chapter 1 : The Meeting


A dark elf was on her horse, riding sluggishly through the green plains. Her ebony skin shimmered under the moon, her piercing gaze scanning through the landscape. She could spot what seems to be a castle standing tall in the distances, and a campfire not so far away from her. With the castle on sight, she rode off toward the direction of the campfire. She got off her horse and just when she was about to offered her greetings to the lone figure at the campfire, her instinct screamed at her. The figure emits an eerie, unnatural aura around him. He sat quietly, without any movements with his back facing her. Under the cloak, her hand instinctively went to her side, touching the handle of her scythe.

“I want no trouble, traveler.” The lone figures began. With her hand still at the handle, she moved around into the sight of the ghastly figure.

“Well met. Oh… I see. Dark skin, white hair. It is quite rare to see your kind around this region.” He greeted.

“If you know my kind, you know what deeds they have done. Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Not if I can profit from our meeting!”

“You want me to protect your goods on your way to Ashania.” She understood the notions of his words.

“I am glad! Sellswords are unusually expensive these days. And I am sure bandits will not be stupid enough to attack your kind.”

“And what profit is waiting for me after escorting you?”

“How about these delicious dried Mutaki meat? Or the hare stew? Or I can show you wonderful deals for weapons and armors at the vast kingdom!”

“All of them. We will set off at dawn.” The dark elf snatched the dried meat from his hands, help herself with some stew at the fire and proceeded to lay down on the floor.

“Before we rest, perhaps we could exchange names. I am Ima. Ima Richards. Yours?”


The South Gate of Ashania

At dawn, they were riding towards the kingdom, but somehow both of them felt weird. It felt like something was staring at them, or at Ashania. They dismissed that notions and before they knew it, they were at the south gate of Ashania. The gate stood tall and grand, and at the top they could see a guard waving at them, shouting. The duet could not make up what he was trying to do. The guard threw his hand up in frustration, and shouted as loud as he could.

“Wait there!”

A few moments later, a voice asked, “Business o’ pleasure?”

The two could not find where the voice was coming from.

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