Chapter 2: Stone & Fire


“We are the knights of Ashania, from the unit of the golden lion.” The leader revealed.

But that did not answer any questions that Evraset and Ima had in their mind. Before the two could post anymore questions, there popped out an elvish girl from nowhere. With amazing speed and agility, she sprinted towards Evraset and Ima, with her sword raised against them.

Chapter 2: Stone & Fire

Both Evraset and Ima were shocked, not by the threat, but by the elvish girl resembling some features of the innkeeper. If she was indeed the innkeeper’s daughter, why was she protecting the bunch of bandits or knights that just kidnapped her?

Ima ignored the threat and walked forward. “Greetings, young one! A little too young to wander off into the woods by yourself?” He offered the young, beautiful elf a bow. Evraset pushed Ima away and turned to the elf.

“Are you a Windra?” Evraset questioned. Her piecing, white orb stared at young elf.

“Are you illidan’s daughter?” Evraset deflected the sword off the elf’s hand. The young elf fell to the ground after hearing her father’s name, worried about what the duet had done to him.

Ima ran to Evraset’s side and whispered. “What!? Are you crazy? You can’t threaten our goods? If she is hurt, we may not get our money. And our lodging!”

Under the sun, the young elf caught a glimpse of Evraset under her hood. Her beautiful features tained by the dark skin. The young elf grasped. “e’ Felent (The Fallen)

Ima turned toward the young elf. “Good, not as ignorant as you looked. Putting that aside, your father send us here, to ‘rescue’ you from the ‘bandits’!”

“What have you done to him! He will not hire your type!” She stated flatly, the intensity of her stare matches Evraset’s.

“We have done absolutely nothing to him, I promise. He and Mardi are in a state of extreme desperation when we met them. They misses you dearly, darling! And we offered good rates for our services!” Ima boasted, relieving the tension that was building up.

“Forgive us! How can we forget our etiquette! I am Ima and this distances cousin of yours is Evraset.”

She looked at the eccentric and ghastly Ima, and found it hard to believe him. Caught the cue, Ima tried to convince her again.

“Now darling, your father would reward us if we bring you back in one piece. Don’t be rude and tell us your name. And we will get you to Ashania safe and sound.”

“She… We can’t go back to Ashania anymore. Not without our protection and not while we are don in this armor.” The defeated leader muttered.

“Then remove it! We have questions for you ‘bandits’ and the she-elf while we are on the road.” Evraset hissed.

“It’s Nei!” The elf barked back.

(Player’s questions and responses)

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