Telematic Stroll

East and west

Posted by Goh Chersee on Friday, 3 November 2017

Telematic Stroll Co-broadcasting

For the project, Xin Feng and I wanted to explore how to make an interesting composition for the co-broadcasting. We discussed our plans for the project and wanted to make a video about the journey to the center from both sides. Initially, our plan was to use the MRT as our transportation to the middle. However, a few MRT station would be underground and would not make an interesting broadcasting. Therefore, we changed our transportation to the bus. We both started our journey from the East(Cher See) and the West(Xin Feng), slowly traveling to the middle that is Serangoon. Our project was extremely time-sensitive and needed much coordination to pull it off.

Our plan for telematic stroll

  • At 10.00am, prepared and standby at our bus stop, ready to board the bus if arrived.
  • At 10.15am, we would start our broadcasting
  • At 10.30am, both of us would arrive at Serangoon
  • After the both of us have successfully arrived at Serangoon, we would search for each other and end our co-broadcasting.

Here are a few shots that I personally find very interesting and could be used to explore our project further if there was another chance.

This is one of the shots that actually sync up nicely with both our live feed. It produced an intriguing effect for the broadcasting.

Both of our live videos had the MRT tracks as part of our video, I find this very amusing as we did not plan for this shot at all. I would call this one of the few happy accident.

The both of us walking together.

The part where we met up with each other.