Interactive Narrative_Plot

For this exercise, I wanted to tell a story of a simple, personal adventure of a normal personal. Having let them go on a spiritual adventure to find themselves and how they have grow and developed in this journey. I have taken a small amount of inspiration from different media, e.g Ni no Kuni, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Idea 1

“Lost & Found”

Act 1

The story of a young boy who ‘lost’ his cat.

Act 2

Set off on a small adventure to find his cat.

Conflict – face off multiply challenge to continue on his path to find his cat.

Climax – The realization that his cat has passed on.

Act 3

Got over the fact that his cat was dead, the adventure was just his hallucination, a metaphor of the process of losing your loved one.

Idea 2

1- year vacation

Act 1

The story of a middle man leading a monotones life, working hard and ignoring his family. The total amount of off days he had accumulated have reached 365 days, 1 year.

Act 2

The boss have given him a compulsory 1 year vacation, to bring his family along to have fun.

Conflict – Fought with his family due to differences in ideology and lack of understanding.

Climax – Left his family behind to go to work.

Act 3

Reconnect with his family, getting to know his family again after all the years of ignoring them and working.