Project 1A

Project 1A

For Project 1A, I have taken 3 photographs for each task to represent my thoughts and process. I wish to express my dreams, reality and comfort zone with a tint of nostalgic through these series of images.

Task 1 – Me


For the first task, I chose the location to be my room, taken at the golden hour (evening). I have chosen the photo of my hand facing the right and the pen facing the left, with the last shot as the establishing shot of my room. This gives off an illusion that the hand and the pen will eventually met up at my room. What I want to tell and represent is the sweet reunion of my drawing material and I, to truly become one and able to call myself an artist. As being an artist needs a tremendous amount of professionalize and skill, just being able to be called one is the greatest honor I wish I could ever achieve.

Task 2 – Object and representation of self


The second task, the chosen item is plastic bag. I wish to express how insignificant we are, that we are all dispensable and ultimately life have no meaning. I firmly believe that all of us have been through this stage of life before, but it is how we cope with this reality that interest me. Some of us jus lightly embrace this fact, some lost sight of their dreams and identity and some get suffocated. I believe that after we have gone through this process of realization, that we can truly live our life, with a newly found meaning and goals in our heart and mind.

Task 3 – My World


For the third task, I chose to shoot around the area of my house, during the evening period. For me, these places hold a significant amount of meaning in my heart. I wish to represent that this is the only world I know. The world where I know how to live and how to play, that no other scenery, no matter how majestic or beautiful, can ever come close to replacing this world of mine.

Final Presentation


For compositing, I always keep the rule of thirds in mind, with a little adjustment of color and values.



Cindy Sherman

Rene Magritte, Son of Man



I have learn a lot about photography in this project, but most importantly, I have learn a lot about myself. I can’t imagine there is any other project with the same impact as this. There are some people spending their whole lifetime searching for themselves, to know what kind of person they are, and many have failed in the process. I am glad that through this project, I can have a glimpse of who I am. That alone is the biggest take away for this project.