Interactive Narrative_Topic Idea

1st Topic Idea

20 Blockbuster Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Filmed in Canada

Before I further explain my idea, I would like the reader to click on the link. My first topic idea would be to highlight the problem film makers nowadays faces. In the link, we can see that there were lots of american stories not being made in America itself, but Canada. The same could be said about Singaporean film, Singaporean film maker do not like filming in Singapore! I would like to explore Singapore and note down some scenic location that could be use in Singaporean film, compiling them into a sort of narrative for the audience to experience.


2nd Topic Idea

On my second topic, I would like to make a point and click game that revolves around different stories, which will converge at some point and affect each other stories. The player would have to make difficult choices and allowing them to chose their own path in the game.