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Having a lesson on Adobe Connect was a refreshing experience for me. I would love to attend the lesson on the “third space” again. I find it very fitting in fact for the class to be held in the virtual space as it would further emphasize the importance of the “third space”.








Personally, this is the first time I had a lesson online and I was pretty nervous in fact as I never had the experience before. However, when the lesson was being held, all the doubts and fear that I had was gone and I was enjoying it. I enjoyed the interactivity and how creative each individual classmate was. I enjoyed looking at them through the small window that was their reality and being a part of their everyday life.

One problem that I find quite distracting was the fact that everyone had a problem with the audio, I believed this was also due to the reason that everyone was unprepared when it comes to video streaming. If this problem was solved, the lesson would be much smoother and enjoyable.

In conclusion, if I had to choose between a class being held in the physical world or through the “third space”, I would choose the latter.



Author: Goh Cher See

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  1. I am always as captivated by what I see in the background in each user’s window as well, as it presents a portal into everyone’s unique personal First Space. I for one, am always nervous when my niece messes up my study room just before Adobe Connect (AC) lessons, as the chaos behind me would clearly be visible on webcam. Can you help me understand why you were initially nervous?

    What were your main doubts and fears attending an online lesson for the very first time?

    I am glad you enjoyed the interactivity, and opportunity to learn from the creativity of your peers on Adobe Connect (AC). What specific aspects of AC do you find facilitate interaction and creativity? How do these aspects compare with the opportunities for interaction and creativity at B1-14?

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