A Jar-ing Musical Instrument


The inspiration is the interesting shape of the jar. It has 6 sides, with 1 of the sides having e lid to put things inside. With the other 5 sides, you could position it  on whichever side that pleases you.

Using that affordance, i plan to trigger a change in the pitch using a gyroscope, so that on different side, it would be playing a pitch. Initially, i use different notes to be triggered when the jar is on different sides. Then, it was modified to be more continuous with changing the pitch instead of playing different notes.

Also, with the turning of the lid, i plan to alter the speed at which the sound is being played via a knob attached to the lid.

When more ping pong balls are being added to the jar, the volume will increase  with the use of a light sensor.

Having the tendency to lift the jar up, 1 side of the jar is attached to a pressure sensor. When the jar is lifted up, the hand will be placed there, and it will trigger a base beat to be played.

When holding up the jar, tilting it, turning the lid, and shaking the jar of balls, the  jar has become a musical instrument.

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