Device of the Week: Bottlogues

Bottlogues is about bottles being having their own narratives being told when the cork is taken out from the bottle.

The installation includes 3 transparent glass bottles and a lit up tabletop surface as shown below:

When the bottles are placed onto the surface, the tabletop will light up in that region where the bottle is. Then, when the bottle cork is plugged out from the bottle, a specific narrative is being read out. When another bottle is being placed onto the surface, another specific narrative is being read out simultaneously when it’s cork is taken out.

Variability – enables people to engage by choosing which bottle to put on the tabletop, and have its narrative being read.

Accessibility – Clear idea of knowing to put the bottle onto the specific area of the tabletop and also to take out the cork from the bottle.

It may be the idea of the specific area of the tabletop being sensed rather than the bottle having the specific narrative.

Link to video:

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