Exercise 1

Exercise 1 involves using an object to create a space for a pair of strangers to interact. The objective of the exercise is to see the different kinds of interaction different people can come up with using the same object.

Using four different items – a red rope, a vacuum cleaner tube, a piece of bubble wrap and a length of fibrous rope, we documented how people would react when they are passed with one of these items. The video above shows some of the interactions/reactions from different pairs.

Interact-ors’ feedback/thoughts:
After the exercise, we asked the pairs how things will be different if we were to remove the object and just put the two of them together.
The thoughts were similar in that there will be lesser interaction between them. They will either stand there awkwardly, fidget around or use their mobile devices.

From seeing the interactions in the exercise, can see that different people would do different things with the objects given to them. Also, when given the object, the first thing that is done is not to interact with the other person. Instead, it is to engage with the object together with the other person.
So the object not only creates the space for people to interact in, it also creates the form and topic of interaction for the pair.
This shows that the selection of material/object is crucial in not just creating the space but also helps to create the opportunities for people to engage, and that both cannot be exclusive to one another.


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