Week 1 Reading Response

How might the open source system of sharing and collective narrative be a creative inspiration and useful approach for your work as an artist or designer?

In “The Way of Open Source” from Open Source Studio(2015) by Randall Packer, it acknowledges the list below as to what creative inspiration should come from in the concept of open source:
Social interaction
Peer-to-peer methods of collaboration
Collegial sharing
Collective research

In that nature of creative inspiration, the open source system will enable me to find out more about ideas that have been proposed or realised that are similar to what i would want to do. This will help me to know a process that could help me achieve the goal that i would like to set for myself. Furthermore, it could also enable me possibly communicate with other artists of similar goals to not only build myself up in that concept but also bounce ideas off one another to hopefully bring our ideas to greater heights.

In the Open Source Studio (OSS), we are not only able to connect with our current classmates, but we are also able to access the works and process of previous batches and also other classes (as seen from the screenshots).

Screenshot of my tagcloud

Screenshot of my tagcloud

With the tags system, we are able to find students with common interest and able to tap into their experiences to help us move forward with our ideas. And if possible, allow us to find the person to further discuss with them about our common ideas.

5 thoughts on “Week 1 Reading Response

  1. Good points Nat, especially abt the tag cloud! It displays all our recurring interests at a glance. Even if 2 creators use the same tag, there’s so much potential for discourse since the ideas manifest in such diverse ways 🙂

  2. Due to the open nature of OSS, the posts that OSSonauts write can be accessed by artists outside NTU. Previously, an artist you are writing about may read your post, and respond even without an OSS account. However, I understand that we now require the user to log in, in order to comment.

  3. Indeed. OSS does have the capacity to bring together students of different years, it would be interesting if an artwork be created on this current platform directly.

  4. Yes, I too am glad to see you point out the tag cloud and how tagging can be used so that students can immediately gauge each other’s interests. We are working on a collective tag cloud that would actually integrate the tags of an entire class.

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