Week 2 Reading Response

design is the craft of visualizing concrete solutions that serve human needs and goals within certain constraints.

-Kim Goodwin in Designing for The Digital Age

Subconsciously, this is something we all know about design. That it is supposed to meet the requirements of whoever the design is for. But for it to be put into words and be read, helps to direct myself to see more of how i could approach design.

While the chapter talks about Goal Directed Design (GDD), it breaks it down into four components: Principle, Patterns, Process, and Practices.

screeshot of the Process sequence

screeshot of the Process sequence

Focusing on the Process aspect, i realised that the components of the Process are very crucial in helping the foundation and future developments of the product/project. Also, all of them are linked together and even though the process can commence anywhere in this chain and continue down, whatever is ‘skipped’ still must be done. Be it along the way or through prior experiences.


2 questions:
– Can the Process structure be rearranged?
– How do we know how to categorise the data that we gather?

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