Micro Project 2 – blog narrative: The mistical journey

I was never an early riser. I love to just lie in bed and just sleep away my mornings. Although, there are many occasions when i have to force myself up for an event or a meeting. That was one such morning that turned unforgettable.

My grandmother’s 80th birthday was around the corner and so my family decided to celebrate it in Malaysia. While my grandmother and my other relatives decided to take the plane there, my family decided to drive there. I mean, what better way to travel than by car right? (No sarcasm. Honest.)

So to be able to reach the destination by noon, we set off at 5am in the very early morning. The journey was quite predictable since we usually travel to Malaysia during Chinese New Year to visit our relatives. But for this journey, the road was very different. It was quite misty.

Misty Road to Kuala Lumpur

Misty Road to Kuala Lumpur

Usually, you can see the road a kilometer ahead. At that point in time, we could see at most 200 to 300 metres ahead of us!

The amazing thing is, because of how the road and landscapes are ‘arranged’, at different parts of the journey, the view in from of us looks different!

It was very refreshing too, to see these sceneries, and imagine all sorts of scenarios:

-what if we come into a horror story plot along the way?
-what if a giant creature suddenly appears in front of us?
-what if this was the space to gain superpowers?!

But other than that, it was nice to enjoy the new view from the car. And i don’t mind going for another early morning road trip if i were to see this view again…well not that often.

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  1. You setup a dramatic situation with the loss of visibility. So what happened? How did the trip end? Did you encounter any of the horrors you described? Let’s discuss further in class to see how to create a conclusion to all the anticipation you invoked.

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