Response to Thoughtful Interaction Design


Based on the reading Thoughtful Interaction Design by Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman,  the introduction established grounds on what design is about, especially in the case of interaction design, which involves the use of information technology.

One thing that struck me from the reading was under the section of Design and Society:

…the designer has the power to change and influence the development of society, which implies significant responsibility.”

Löwgren, J; Stolterman, E, Chapter 1.7: Design and Society in Thoughtful Interaction Design

After reading the first few parts of the chapter and then continuing to this section, it made me realise how much consideration designers have to make for their ‘product’ to take form, let alone interaction designers, given that their material has no qualities[i].

Furthermore, it makes me reflect on the projects that i have done so far and those that i planned to do in the future about the engagement between my work and the general audience, in which i have a lot of research and tryouts to do in order to make my works better.

Examples of thoughtfully designed interactive experience

Otamatone – shape, gestures, usability

photo of Otamatone from Otamatone online shop

In the shape of a musical note, you could take it up from the stem and hold onto the note head.
To play with it, the idea is similar to a guitar. Fingers in a certain position on the stem, press the head, and sound comes out.

Drone – usability

photo of drone from Google Images

Based on something that we know, the drone is controlled by a remote control, in which the controls are quite similar to that of game controllers. Manoeuvrability for the drone is then quite adaptable.

21 Swings

screenshot from 21 Swings vimeo

screenshot from 21 Swings vimeo

Incorporating with existing knowledge of how a swing works, the artist group integrates sound and light system into a swing concept. As you swing past the centre point, it will trigger a sound/note for each swing. With 21 swings, it’ll create a musical piece.
Video of how it works shown below.


[i] Page Number 3 of Thoughtful Interaction Design, Introduction

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