Media Art Intervention for Smart Nation

In support of the Smart Nation plan, incorporating technology into the void decks would help to make people more aware and in the loop of the development of this plan.

image of a sketch of the rough plan

image of a sketch of the rough plan

Details of the plan

As seen from the image of the sketch above, the pillars in the void deck will be installed with screens and cameras. On different screens will display different items:

Weather forecast
News of the day
News/Notice regarding the neighbourhood
Public Transport Information
Camera capture of people on the other side of the block
Messages/images/videos of residents in that day

Use of data

Realtime data of transport and weather forecast can be displayed on the screens, and news can be updated constantly. Also, to get people of all ages comfortable with this system, cameras can capture live moments and save it on the screen for the neighbourhood to see for the day, or view what is happening on the other side of the block.

Hopes for the plan

Through this, residents of the area are able to interact not only with the technology but also with people via the screens. The plan hopes to target the following domains of the Smart Nation plan:

Home and Environment

Though it may be costly to do so for every neighbourhood at once, if it’s done within a longer period, gradually creating this opportunity for every neighbourhood, cost could be saved a bit and progression to a Smart Nation can be well and smooth.


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