Going 4th… to Trigger


Building upon the initial idea that we had previously, we now intend to use body movements to bring into place objects/items that are out of place that causes us to get triggered.

Progress so far

There are 2 components to our work: the display and the mechanics.

So far, Chris has been coming up with various scenarios that would cause people to get irritated due to their misplacements.

For each scenario, we come up with different ways to get the effect we want.

And as of now, we will be trying out on this

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Trying with blob tracking by Daniel Shiffman, we are able to get the detection of body and the data of its location.

Then we ventured into attractors

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With tweaking of the code, it allows us to vibrate the object/item in its place, as if it doesn’t want to fit in…anywhere.

Combining both components together, we’ll be able to get something to test out to see the interaction and also what else needs to be done to make it better.

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