In The Lounge: When the Clock Strikes 12

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Thoughts about it

The intention is to capture the moment in time in the ADM lounge at night. In this period of recess week, the stillness of the lounge was heightened, yet still portrays how the lounge has always been – stationary.

Even when the light is switched off minutes after midnight, or when i switched on the lamp, nothing moves in the lounge, except me moving, making me realise how everything being still/constant is part of the environment, and only with some irregular movement, like people’s actions/reactions makes them someone or something that engages the environment.

Looking back at the essay by Steve Dixon, he mentioned

“More significantly, it may be because the fixed location of most webcams prioritizes place (“setting”) above all else and certainly above character, which in this scenario has to be interpreted from a sequence of incidentals.”

-Dixon, Steve, Webcams: The Subversion of Surveillance (2007), pg 449

and further on in the essay referring to Jennicam:

“…Jennicam was more the ongoing life of a particular location …  rather than necessarily any particular character…”

-Dixon, Steve, Webcams: The Subversion of Surveillance (2007), pg 450

It further emphasised the point in the live broadcast that the environment is the focus, and any other elements that come in are supporting characters to the space, rather than the characters being the highlight in which the environment supports them.

Also, at the last minute, there was an unintended yet great scare from a friend to me. What was interesting is the fact that the viewers knows that it is coming (from the comments and background movement), but the viewed is oblivious to what’s going to happen.
It was planned through the third space by my friend who was in the 2nd space, and entered the 1st space to carry out her plan by herself.

Screenshot of comment from 15:49 of video

This kind of engagement with not only the environment but also with the viewers and the viewed is something that i will consider exploring further into.

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