Catch Me Live Updates


Putting it up here again, my concept is to invite people (2nd space) to find/chase me (1st space) through the use of Facebook Live (3rd space) to fulfil their request while i’m on the go around the ADM building.


Following up from last week, here are a few location recce that was done to see the possible spots for me to hide or run to in ADM.


Stairs to the rooftop from sunken plaza

Sunken Plaza

Carpark area to ADM building

Carpark at ADM

Level 1

Corridor of lockers

corridor to Carpark

Door to stairwell accessing B1 to L2

Lobby area

Drop-off point

Bus Stop

Stairs down to the rooftop access point

Access point to L2 from the inside

Level 2

Open space and stairs to level 3

narrow corridor from open space to stairwell access from B1 to L2

Link Bridge from lift lobby to classrooms

Corridor of classrooms at L2

Fork road at L2

Access to L1 through fire escape.

Level 3

Lift lobby at L3


Stairs to the rooftop

Enclosed stairwells will be refrained from use as the connection be it through wifi or data is quite weak or none at all. However there are still many places to go around in the building as seen from above.


One thought on “Catch Me Live Updates

  1. Wow, this is like a virtual tour of the whole school! Now I am wondering what it is about a particular space that will work well. In other words, what kind of space would be optimal for your broadcast. It might be useful to pick a few of these and describe what kind of scenarios might result if you changed your project in that location. That way you also begin to think about the interactions, the situation, the possibilities for events to unfold.

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