Catch Me Live Soon

Progressing Onwards

With the locations that was taken last week, a rough plan of a route or routes would be good to have so as to have a possible flow of movement.

There are 3 possible starting points: The first level lobby, the carpark in the basement, and the rooftop.

First Level Lobby

First Level Lobby

On the first level, here’s a good starting point because there are 4 possible directions i can take:

Out to the drop off point which can head to the rooftop or to the basement,
through the cafe where i can head to the rooftop,
up the stairs to the second level and
to the lounge where i can go through the corridor of lockers and also to the basement. In the case of smooth movement (no chasing), the route would be from to the drop off point, down to the basement carpark, and then enter into ADM’s basement and carry on from there.

The Carpark in the Basement

Carpark area to ADM building

From the basement, there are 2 possible routes, but 3 possible actions that can be done.

1 route is to go up the slope to the drop off point, and either enter to the lobby or head to the rooftop.
Another is to enter the basement through the door and either roam the basement,climb the stairs to level 1, or head to the rooftop.
Lastly, i could just be around the carpark and wait there.

The Rooftop

Stairs to the rooftop

From the rooftop, again, there are 2 routes but 3 actions available.

1 is to come down from the rooftop and turn left and head towards either level 1 or go down to the basement.
Another is to turn right and head to the basement directly to the pond area.
Lastly, i can stay and wait at the rooftop.

Test, Feedback and Suggestions

Click here for the FB live of feedbacks.

In the FB live video, i had a mini test on the format i will be using for the final project, and have feedbacks and suggestions as to what they want to see in the video.

So far, the reception was quite good, and allows me to have a rough idea what people would expect and what i can plan to make it interesting.

Rough Plan as of now

From what was gathered above, the work will be done in 3 parts (weeks), with each week gradually leading to the final Catch Me Live.

In the first instalment, similar to the video, i would be fixing the camera in a certain location, and be either in it or not for about 3-5 minutes. Then, i’ll change location.
In that duration of fixed position, it will encourage people to come and interact with me and tell me what they want me to do (with some moral restrictions).

In the second instalment, the timing of fixed position will decrease to probably 1-2 minutes.

And lastly, the third instalment will be me running around.

Hopefully, this gradation will allow the viewers to be active in participation not only online, but also on-live.


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  1. Good work. I really like the idea of getting audience feedback to make location decisions. That takes your viewer interaction to a whole level, when you consider how the viewer is able to act upon the narrative of the work, a form of collective narrative.

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