ADM Blackout!? The Lounge News

This Facebook broadcast is a class assignment on FAKE NEWS. Please do not take its content seriouslyADM blackout! What could have caused this? Stay tuned to The Lounge News to find out. Btw.. this is fake.. for class assignment. Previous one was too short.. thanks and sorry for those who commented and liked the broadcast earlier..

Posted by Nathanael Goh on Tuesday, 28 March 2017



3 thoughts on “ADM Blackout!? The Lounge News

  1. On the one hand, it is amusing to create a disclaimer ending that convinces the audiences that it is indeed fake news. We can probably call this parody. But then another tactic that is often taken, is to not provide a disclaimer at all, so that the line is blurred between the real and the fake. This is of course the more dangerous aspect of fake news, when it is difficult to ascertain its authenticity, thus collapsing the distance between the real and the imaginary. So my question would be: what motivated you to tag your news piece with a disclaimer? This would be good to discuss.

  2. Hi Nat, I loved how poetic yet ridiculous your choice of words were for this broadcast. Your usage of a personal speaking style and camera angle both reinforced and closed the distance between viewers and you as the content curator – making me want to trust what you were saying, however absurd your speech was. Emotional appeal as a component of news is particularly compelling.

  3. Nat, I like how you took on a ‘vigilante-investigative-journalist’ style. It reminds me of those ghost hunters who explore supposedly haunted locations. Although the factual information does not come across as credible as an official news outlet, this style of broadcasting allows the EXPERIENCE of the situation to seem authentic and believable as it builds a connection with the speaker. Like many of those ghost-hunter style videos, viewers end up rooting for the speaker and hope to see them succeed!

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