Catch Us Live!


This is the 2nd instalment of the series of Social Media Catching.
In this broadcast, instead of me planning to fulfil all the requests, like Prof suggested, I will fulfil the 1st request given to me, then that person will take over the spotlight and wait until the next person comes and fulfil their request, so on and so forth.

Catch Us Live! 2nd instalment of the project. Comment something you'll want me do live, and get someone to tell me to do it in person! And.. there will be a CATCH to this! Stay tuned!

Posted by Nathanael Goh on Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Go to 08:24 for the 1st request.
14:00 for the 2nd request.
15:30 for the 3rd request.
17:45 for the last request.

One thought on “Catch Us Live!

  1. As we discussed, I really like the way you are staging these situations, very carefully composed for the camera frame. You are truly approaching this project with filmic composition in mind. The idea is working well, drawing people from the third space into the first place, and then displacing your own presence within the frame. I thought that the one problem was having to stage direct off camera, rather than the process working by itself. Although, stage directing could be thought of as integral to the performance, or, is it a way to keep the narrative going because it doesn’t work by itself? If in fact you would prefer to not have to give stage direction, then the challenge becomes, how to embed in the narrative a way for each “performer” to activate the next “performer,” very much the way the narrative of cutting clothing initiated a natural sequencing of audience participation in Cut Piece by Yoko Ono.

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