Catch ___ Live!


Revisiting my initial concept, it is to play with the idea of how people could interact not only through the spaces that they are in (1st, 2nd or 3rd space), but with the knowledge through the 3rd space, those in the 2nd space are invited to the 1st space, where the narrative is created not just in our own spaces, but through the crossing of spaces.

To substantiate my point again, Prof. Randall Packer stated in his article on the Collective Narrative:

“…the collective narrative is a sharing and open exchange of conversation, ideas, information, and media that leads to a synthesis of voices: forming a common thread among peers.”

-Randall Packer, Collective Narrative (2015)

And rather than just doing that on the 3rd space itself, the idea is to bring it further by crossing the different space.


Going back to the initial idea, it is to invite my friends on Facebook to where ever i would be in ADM, and when they find me, i’ll fulfil a request that they have live.

In the 3 part series of this project, the first instalment was done at just one location to warm things up. However, there was the issue as to what to do next after fulfilling the request.

Catch Me Live! A 3 part series of social media catching. Find where i am, and if you catch me in that location within the time limit of 10mins, i will fulfil a request (that is within my reasoning) live.

Posted by Nathanael Goh on Thursday, 30 March 2017


So in the second instalment, based on the suggestion of Prof. Randall, I decided to give the requesters a surprise. After i had fulfilled the request of my friend, she took over my place as the one who would fulfil the request.

Catch Us Live! 2nd instalment of the project. Comment something you'll want me do live, and get someone to tell me to do it in person! And.. there will be a CATCH to this! Stay tuned!

Posted by Nathanael Goh on Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Through the second instalment, i felt that it was quite good and would want to do the same for the final instalment. With just being at one location.


However, it did not turn out as well as i had planned. Although there were a few requests coming in nearing the end, the requests that came in were either unachievable or something i felt uncomfortable doing.

In the end, i only fulfilled one request and ended the live session.

Catch Us Live! Final instalment of this series! The person on screen will fulfil a request posted in the comments! Come and get him/her to do something in person!!

Posted by Nathanael Goh on Thursday, 13 April 2017


After discussion in class, Prof Randall brought out a point that made me realise something about this project – i was unwilling to give up the space i created myself for something that was uncomfortable or unachievable to me. So i rather be on live, than do something that would in my sense, shake the space that i had created for myself.

This strangely ties in to my Video Double when i had video-ed myself being alone in a dim, quiet space doing my own thing. In a sense that my space is something important to me, and only through my own terms and conditions will i be willing to give that up.

Thinking back

Tying back to the assignment on Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabiniwitz’s Hole in Space, the third space that they used did create a platform for different creative and cultural backgrounds to come together and build up a new environment for collaboration.

Similarly, what was done in this project, invites the online audience to not only engage with one another through the third space, but also invites them to the real space of the viewed side itself. Although it was one way at the moment, but it opens up more opportunities and possibilities of using the third space as a platform not just for art, but for social interaction.

To catch you, me, everyone and what we stand for, live.