3D – Project 2 – Study Model


Firstly, I went to Art friend to buy the aluminium sheet and cut out some shapes for my study model. I also went online to research on how and what the process of making the metal corrode. It started off with pouring some vinegar, bleach and salt on a container and soak the metal tins in it. The whole process will take days depending on how much or the detail you want to achieve. For me I’m making from a series and the process of corrosion (new to old).


Above picture is an example of the process of soaking the metal tin into different kinds of liquid/chemical that I pre-mixed. The chemical has an very strong odour that I don’t really recommend to do it in the indoor place but I really enjoyed the process of making them and having fun experimenting them.

Study Model

After consultation, there are quite a few things to improve on, firstly is that the corrosion needs to be more obvious because the gradients of corrosion has to be stands out with more detail. I will continue to work on the process of corrosion and explore more chemicals. My professor told me to add in some colour dye or soak them into it which hopefully the metal will start to absorb the dye in. My friend also recommended me to put in some paper clips that is made in copper and to mix them with the chemical which hopefully gives a rusty kind of look on the metal tin.

Another things to improve on is the base, I will use transparent acrylic and some tubes to create the base so the metal will stands out more instead of using black cardboard.

3D – Project 2 – My Precious: Object Stories

Precious object

My precious object was a watch that ran out battery and took out the strap as it has worn off while using back then. I bought this fossil watch back while I was in USA so it was an memorable object which brought many important memories throughout my trip there with my friends.

From an object – Watch, I was able to extract some important words that was quite significant related to it. I’ve chosen some key words, example, one of it is metal which is the material that made the watch another one is time which symbolise the watch.

I’m using metal to create process of new to corrode as to symbolise the word time. The model that I made has to be aesthetically pleasing which it I find it might be quite difficult to design but I will do my very best to create an precious object that represents an abstracted idea from the story.
Stay tune for my study model! 

Exhibition Visit to Art Science Museum

This is actually my very first time visiting the Art Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands. We visited the Human+ The Future of our species exhibition and we were given 1 hour to tour around the museum, I was pretty amazed by the artwork and installation that were done by many well-known artists and also not forgetting some of the artwork was done proudly by NTU students and their professors.

Personal Review – No. 1

While touring around the Museum I found some interesting artwork that I wanted to include in the OSS.











Name of Artist: Cao Fei
Title of Artwork: Whose Utopia?

Description of the work: It’s a video installation done by the artist Cao Fei produced back in 2006. Total length of the film (20mins 20sec)

Preliminary Read

Upon entering the small room which screened the film “Whose Utopia” by Cao Fei video, we can hear the factory-like sounds which really attracts me. My initial impression of the work as I watch the video, I saw a group of young adults working in the light-blub factory with no special expressions, as we can see they are not happy with their life,  no dreams, being trained and used to their daily routine. I felt that they were so called trap in a box and unable to express themselves.

Secondary Read

After reading the descriptions, I was correct. It was something related to their hopes and dreams of the individuals. The film really brought out the emotions and it shows us the facts of their daily life. It took the the artist a total of 6 months to produce out the video, the total length of the video is about 20 mins and 20 sec which displayed clearly on the wall. The message in the video has a strong meaning behind it which can be relates to people as they watch the film.

Personal Review – No. 2

Name of Artist: Matt Kenyo and Douglas Easterly with Tiago Rorke

Title of artwork: Tardigotchi Object

Description of the work: A cute looking little device called: Tardigotchi which is make of plastic with a few metal screws to secure the screen.

Preliminary Read

How does the work enable you to gathering and build those informations?

When i first came across this piece of artwork, I was actually pretty excited as this reminds of my childhood, which I used to own one of the cute looking little device called, tamagotchi. The feeling of owning one of the device which allowing you a new experience of having a pet without any hassle. The Tardigotchi and tamagotchi which has the same word “gotchi” which representing the word “Egg”. It is also representing your virtual pet in your device started from an egg which hatch eventually.

Secondary Read

After reading the descriptions on the wall, it shows clearly that the device has something to do with virtual pet. It features two pets: a living organism and an artificial life avatar which find themselves unlikely denizens of a computer enclosure as we can see from the information board. The device name “Tardigotchi” was referencing the famous Tamagotchi toy from the 1990s. This piece of artwork communicates to people because  at our very first glance, the name “Gotchi” and the object flashes through out brains which brings back old memories from our childhood, which is something people can also relate on.

Sound Art – Interesting finds

Sound Art Artist: Samson Young

URL: https://vimeo.com/146790656

The Hong Kong-born and based Samson Young is currently drowning the world in sound with his politically-charged performances and installations (and will represent Hong Kong at the 2017 Venice Biennale).

A very interesting information that I found is that he watched six hours of compiled footage of US bombs dropping in the Middle East on mute, and then recreated the sounds of the carnage on a custom-made setup of instruments and non-instruments, like a can of compressed air, or a shaving razor.

Sound Art Artist: Tarek Atoui

URL: https://vimeo.com/146790656

Another amazing interesting sound art installation and instruments from Tarek Atoui. He studied contemporary and electronic music in Paris when he was still a student. His current practice finds the artist building custom instruments, like for his “Reverse Sessions series”, an ongoing project currently staging performances at the Tate Modern.

He built 10 unconventional instruments including blowing horns and teacups—and invited a series of fellow instrument makers and composers to improvise with them. The sessions are then layered on top of each other to create a final sound piece, a multilayered synthesis of the summer’s work. Its really changes your perspective of how sounds can relate to your emotions.


Seminar Questions

Seminar Questions

What is sound?

Sound vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear. Each sound, as it is created, propagates amongst the hard Newtonian billiard balls of matter, adding to an internal din from which the cosmic maker, at the end of the creation, can discern every act, word and deed. The atmosphere is in effect a cosmic recording medium, and the hush we hear is still air holds, encoded, the words of all time. Almost every activity in the world has an aural component.

How has it been use in culture and society?

Sound is an art which often been used in the exhibitions that include a subset (sometimes even all) of the following music, kinetic sculpture, instruments, activated by the wind or played by the public, conceptual art, sound effects, recorded readings of prose or poetry, visual artworks which also make sound, paintings of musical instruments, musical automatons, film video, technological demonstrations, acoustic re-enactments, interactive computer programs which produce sound, etc. The invention of phonograph presented a different set of observations when playback three sounds were heard and in various musical cultures, a variety of sounds and figurations assumed the role of creating the presence of silence.

What makes it an art?

A art form called ‘Steel Art’ which composed of steel sculpture combined with steel guitar music along with anything else with steel in it which overall its about the aesthetic experience as art the medium is not often the message.

How does advancement in audio technology affect our sense?

The advancement in audio technology creates illusion which affects our senses through sound. It is also simulating reality in films which gives audience a new sensations through visuals and audios. Special sound tracks were also created certain mood which affects the senses and emotions of the viewers.

3D – Process & Final Work



While developing my final artwork, I found out a quick and easy way to mark the dots on your plane so it will be easier for the needle to go through. I marked them carefully on the tape while carefully observed the final outcome of the layout of the strings. After trying to play around with the shapes of the planes, I managed to get a unique shape out of it and by putting tapes around to secure the angels and the shape.

Process of Sewing

I managed to overcome some challengers while putting different colors of strings into the planes. I realized whenever I tried to change strings, the tension wasn't there anymore so I have to slowly pull the corner of the string to tighten up the middle session of the plane. I really like the outcome of the different colors cooperate into the plane.

Middle Session

A clearer picture of the middle session which I really like the tensions of the strings.

Final Artwork

I uses some strings like the one on the left(White) to secure on another plane on it to tighten the shape so it wont look like its loose.
I felt that, there's a lot room of improvement to my final artwork, like the strings can be a little more tensions to it like not tangling around. But overall, it was a good and fun experience exploring the ideas and training our sewing technique.

Project 1 – 2D – Final Process & Final

Final Work (Scroll down for the process)


Concept & Techniques

I really like the concept of this "Sadness' that I made which by using sponge and gently tap on the paper. The contrast shows the sorrow in the images and separating the negative and positive space.


Concept & Techniques

By using the chisels and pouring white paint and water into the can, it gives a lighter and splatter effects. I was inspired by looking on the glass panel on the bus while its drizzling outside. A very good example at the bottom image.I felt like its representing a sharp knife cutting against your wrist while blood is bleeding out of the wound.


Concept & Techniques

I felt that "Surprises" are like colorful painting splashes around you. It brings you Joy, fun and the beautiful memories of your friends in your mind. Every splashes representing a unique memories and surprises of you and your friends. As Surprises comes in different forms and degree 
of excitement.


Concept & Techniques

I mixed the black ink with water and by taking a brush to drip the droplets on the paper. After the progress, I fold a piece of paper to act as a straw which gives a different kind of techniques. While blowing air to the droplets, it spread into different directions which define "Spreading Happiness". It may be seen like a series of mini palms giving Hi-5 to people around him.


Concept & Techniques

As love comes in different forms, you can see the differences in the shapes, sizes and the contrast between each thumbs. By printing your right thumb it is also a form of identity of an individual.


Concept and Techniques

By using my right thumb to set myself as the identity and uses the sponge to paint around the thumb which create a emotion of fear aka "Stage Fright" The white space around the thumb defined as private space when you're surrounded by people.

Overall Reflection

First of all, What i felt that the mark making was an amazing experience allowing to express our emotions through lines. Overall, I felt there is always room for improvement and by exploring more techniques of mark making so it will aid me in my future project!

Project 1 – 2D – Research and Development – (After Consultation / Part 3)

Research on Tate & Wabi-Sabi Style

(Links from Tate.org.uk & Wabi-Sabi style)

During after the consultation of our 18 outcomes of the emotions, we were given some feedbacks, ideas, styles and website for us to explore and research on, for our final artwork. One of it is Tate.org.uk, where we can find inspirations and by looking on the ways of techniques that the artists express on their artwork. Another style that we was told to research on after the consultation is "Wabi-Sabi" its one of the most interesting concepts because there is beauty in simplicity. This is one of the styles that I am moving into after some research on the net. 



Finding the quotes for simplicity to keep myself motivated.



Project 2: Image, Text and Final Artwork

Project 2: Create an advertisement with the non-perishable food item that you have received from the exchange. consider the various concepts introduced by Roland Barthes in his analysis of an advertisement and the layer of meanings created through the interplay of linguistic message, Image & Meaning, Dennoted messaged, connoted Message.
Brain Storming & Sketch

Baked beans was one of the most interesting product that I got in class during the exchanging for our new 4D assignment Project 2: “Image & Text”. In the above as we can see a rough sketch of my initial idea which by placing the product in the middle filled with jelly beans around. As we know baked bean doesn’t really have any unique flavor in it.


Jelly beans has lots of different unique taste and in colors, By replacing the baked beans into jelly beans it gave a sense to the viewers a whole new experience of eating baked beans. Which linked to my slogan “New Experience in Every Taste”

(Mid Ground)

As the actual Baked beans can that I got doesn’t really look appealing so I decided to use this brand for my main subject.


By putting kitchen as a background, it shows that where the product is belongs to. As whenever we see a kitchen it reminds us like our mother’s cooking. It brings a warm feelings to the viewers as a connoted message. This will be a challenge because I wont be shooting the images in a real kitchen set. It will be like a office setting but by putting familiar objects, it will look exactly like a kitchen. Stay tune for the image!

Final Artwork

This is the final layout of the artwork that I created using the ideas that I sketched out previously.


I felt that there’s always room for improvement in the artwork, like example the art directions can be improve and of course the ideas behind this advertisement poster can be more clear cut and more in-depth. I will definitely do more research and improve my artwork in the near future.

Project 1 – 2D – Research and Experimenting (Part 2)

Experimenting  Part 2

It was fun experimenting using objects that can be found in the natural or in supermarket.

It was fun using random leaves that I found in the neighborhood, so I decided to process with the mark making. The results was good, it gives a whipping effects which describes the feelings as anger.  But it was too repetitive which is one of the major problems that I am facing.

By using food can also produced very unique effects. This was one of my favorite biscuit back in my childhood days. After the outcome of the effect, I felt it looked more like a emotion for fear. which narrow down into the emotion, panic.

This was one more interesting object, wooden stick that I found in the neighborhood. When I picked up the interesting branches it looks like a cane which our parent used to cane us pretty badly. I felt that cane representing anger, as our parent used to hit us using cane, whenever they cane us its like a relieved for them. It gives off a whipping effects too, which like blood spreading out of the wound.Overall, it was a fun experience doing the mark making and also finding the right objects to illustrate our emotions in it. What I learnt is that repetitive and too literal icons will not look much appealing to our artwork.