Project 4 Final – The Unfolding Narrative

Our installation is titled “The Unfolding Narrative“.


The stories that would be played through the headphones initially before anyone records their thoughts in the booth:

1 – Working adult – Mild bipolar disorder
2- Old Uncle – Anhedonia (Major Depressive disorder)
3- Working Adult – Manic depression (Suicidal)
4- Working Adult – Relocation depression (change of nature in job)
5- Working Adult – Parenting through depression
6- Working Adult – Depression caused by chronic Illnesses/change of environment
7- Fresh Graduate – Financial depression


Our purpose:

  1. To encourage open conversations on our mental health
  2. Choose to use the toilet -> where private thoughts are most apparent, bringing them to a public space

Front view:

  1. A row of 9 toilet bowls placed at the ADM entrance
  2. A headset will be attached to each toilet bowl where participants can pick up and listen to the recorded stories
  3. Each toilet bowl will have a different encounter recorded

Back view:

  1. Participant can move to the back and contribute their own personal stories
  2. We want to create a safe and comfortable place -> drawing/ writing/ highly encouraged to share their stories verbally

Explaining the layout:

  1. According to statistics, 1 in 10 Singaporeans suffer from mental health issues
  2. So we made 9 toilet bowls -> equivalent to 9 listeners lending their listening ear to the one person in the booth.
  3. Straight line of toilet bowls

Stories shared:

  1. Most common problems -> depression, alcohol abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  2. Other problems -> Schizophrenia and Dementia

Community involvement:

  1. We want to have an interactive/community sharing component included in our project
  2. Reason why we encompass different ways of expression -> to have a greater sense of inclusion towards the process of story sharing


What we considered?

  • Live streaming of personal stories -> why not? -> might create a sense of fear, a sense of formality in the process of sharing -> therefore, we chose not to do it

Assignment 3 – Goldberg Machine Final

Final Layout with Video! 

Final Lay out after painting it black

Reflection / Challenges

It was working properly when I tested it before presentation, It somehow didn’t work the way I wanted. I was pretty disappointed about it but it did work based in the video. Somehow,I felt that the speed of the motions can be much slower down. That’s one of the biggest challenges that I faced. If I was given a second chance to rebuild the whole structure, I believed I can improve on and do it better with a different kind of layout. Instead of doing it this way, (Above) I could have done or build it in a way that the mechanisms is against the wall.

For this project, I learnt of gathering materials and trying to do things in my minimum budget which is $10. Actually I found most of my items inside the recycle bin in our 3D foundation room. It may look like a big mess of rubbish in it but if you search carefully inside the bin you may find what you wanted.


Assignment 3 – Goldberg Machine Process

I did quite a few sketches before I start as we need to pre-plan before hand, what is gonna happen in between the frame. 

After some sketches, I felt that by drawing that much doesn’t really help a lot. It does helped us visualize in a way but we still have to test, trial and error to know whether does it physically work in the way we wanted.

For me personally, I felt that I’m the person that I needed to make the actual thing rather than drawing, so it will give myself a better understanding of the whole structure.

I started by gathering and listed the materials that I needed for my structures. Example like the toilet roll to represent pinnochio’s nose, and some wooden chop sticks that I consolidate whenever I’m having dinner with my friends in school.

Wooden chop sticks to represent the cage

The cage is  done!!

In my whole structure, I’ve 3 parts to build on.

First is the stage where pinocchio started his show.

The second part is where the ball will hit the platform and the coins  and fall into the money bag which pushes all the weight down which will triggered the pulley system.

The 3rd part of the structure, the pulley will pull the cube upwards and the axe will fall and blocked which allows the ball to roll towards the cage.

For this image (The Pulley wasn’t in at the moment)

Assignment 3 – Presentation of Story (Goldberg Machine)

We are tasked to present a short scene for our final project, so I decided to pitch pinocchio as I felt that generally everyone knows the story of pinocchio so It will be easier for everybody to understand my project.

This is the scene that I picked.

After presentation, the assignment was given! (Nightmare!!!!!)
We have to create a goldberg machine within inside a frame or preferably a frame with any kind of materials.

I did quite a lot of research as I’m quite confused about how the system work.

Even a 10th grade student can do better than us!!! Oh noooo!!





Project 3 – Ego – Final / Reflection

Project 3 – Ego in Different Settings

I first came up with the idea of using  “food” as my main topic because I get hungry easily! When I’m hungry, I’m angry! >:[ but I try not to get angry easily. hahaha! Probably if you steal my food or something then it will triggered me. >:[

So I decided to design out different perspectives of me when I’m with my mom, my dad, when I’m craving of something and lastly what if I’m hungry and I started eating too much? As I will be designing it in a humorous way, my overall designs has to look funny.

#1 – Row

For my first row I decided to go for

Me (Craving for something sweet) + (But the fridge is empty) = Angry(Where’s my Ice-cream!)

As whenever I’m craving for something, I will always open up the fridge first and I know my mom will always stocked up some ice-creams in the fridge but whenever I open up the fridge my ice-cream always went missing because my brother stole them all!
I uses analogous for all my work, for the first one I decided to use something lighter like pastel color to represent (sweetness), something light and bright in color.

The overall colour was actually taken from our childhood biscuit which representing sweetness.

Pastel colors to represent Sweetness

#2 – Row

Me (Dislike Vegetable) + When Mom is cooking =  Forced to eat vegetables

I decided to use the lighter and darker greens as the main colour for the backdrop and the broccoli, the lighter bluish and orange making them as secondary colour.

Bluish = Sadness

Orange = Confidence/Independent

When I was young, my mom will usually forced me to consume the vegetables that she cooked. I don’t really like the texture of the broccoli which sometimes hard to chew. That’s the whole row is about!

#3 – Row 

Me (Obsessed with durians) + When Dad is buying Durians = Happiness overload 

Green and Yellow = Durians

Blue = Cool tone / Calm

Red = Love / Obsessed

Whenever when my Dad asked me to follow him down to our neighborhood, I knew he will buy durians as it was part of our family traditional.

#4 – Row 

Me (I’m Hungry) + When eating fast food = Feeling anxious and bloated 

Red/Yellow = Mcdonalds to represent Fast food (Backdrop)

When driving in a dark high way, the red and yellow stands out the most which easier for people to notice the bright branding colors.

Blue = Sad / Unwell and Anxious.

Orange = Fried food

This is me when I’m feeling unwell cause I’m hungry! But sometimes when I’m hungry and I ate too much I feel anxious and bloated which resulted forcing myself to vomit out.




Overall, it was a fun experience taking lots of selfie of myself to put it in my editing as my design requires many funny faces to really brings out the humorous style for all of my work. I totally enjoyed myself doing while trying to pick the right color schemes to create different kind of atmosphere and mood. Although there are always room for improvement I felt that I actually did slightly better than my previous assignments which is the project 2 forrest gump but dealing with black and white is actually much better than dealing with colors because there are tons of color to choose from! nevertheless, it was an amazing experience to challenge ourselves! Good luck to the next batch of year 1! Woooo! We made it !!

Project 3 – Ego – Process/After Consultation

At first I wanted to do something like a different colour harmony in every frame, but right after consultation, Prof Mimi redirected me to focus on having the consistency by having the same color schemes in a row. I decided to give it a try on and also changing the color of the analogous.

This is some example of my first few draft where red was uses before consultation, green was indeed needed in this design. I somehow felt that by uses Hulk to portray anger and ofcourse as Hulk is always angry but he’s still green.

This is one of my first few draft where I wanted to play around to kick start myself. But ofcourse this isn’t what I wanted. Just trying and playing around. Actually I do have more of my drafts but somehow when I track back I lost some of my progression due to not saving them properly! So remember guys!!! ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK!!!!! I could have show more of my drafts!!! D:

I also enjoyed during the process as I needed photos of myself in the editing of my design. I uses liquify to change and enhanced my facial expression to give a little more humorous and comical kind of effect. This is the very first time in my life, I’ve taken so much selfies using my phone and also I’ve incorporated photographs of my dad and mom too! But too shy to show haha!! Just myself will do 😀


Process of my face using photoshop with liquify to enhance the facial expression for every designs! Looks pretty cute! hahaha.

Project 3 – Ego – Artist Reference

Artist References

Christophe Gilbert – Photographer/Editor

Credits to Christophe Gilbert

Looking through his amazing portfolio of work, we’re left speechless by the way he can manipulate liquids like paint and water.

Erik Alm – Photographer/Editor

Credits to Erik Alm


Erik Alms is a San Francisco based photographer who creates award-winning advertisements for top tier brands including Microsoft, Toyota, and Nike. He’s known for his near perfect lighting and focus, which are demonstrated, in his beautiful photos of sweeping vistas and surreal landscapes.

Most of his works are pretty much very light in color and making the subject at the foreground, which really stands out from the image.

RodneyPike  – Humorous illustrator

Credits to Rodney Pike

His name is Rodney Pike and is a Humorous Illustrator. He has a lifetime of experience in Fine Art and Graphic Design and Digital Illustration. He offered Photo-Manipulated Illustrations of all sorts but specialize in Photo-Manipulated Caricature Illustration, Humorous Illustration and Political Satire, perfect for magazines, books, etc.

This is something that I would like to try on my artwork as it has humorous style in it which suitable for my project “Ego”.

Project 3 – Ego – Research on Color Theory

I did some research on color theory as I’m actually kind of weak in designing with colors. The previous project on 2D was to play with black and white (threshold) which was much easier than the current project.

As I know that I need some improvement and knowledge about colors, I went on to do some research about it. I also went on further to research on how color affects our mood.

I also found some link which aid us just by choosing the categories of color theory and moving the colour wheel.

Amazing website for us to have a better understanding of color which really helps me a lot.