3D – Project 2 – My Precious: Object Stories

Precious object

My precious object was a watch that ran out battery and took out the strap as it has worn off while using back then. I bought this fossil watch back while I was in USA so it was an memorable object which brought many important memories throughout my trip there with my friends.

From an object – Watch, I was able to extract some important words that was quite significant related to it. I’ve chosen some key words, example, one of it is metal which is the material that made the watch another one is time which symbolise the watch.

I’m using metal to create process of new to corrode as to symbolise the word time. The model that I made has to be aesthetically pleasing which it I find it might be quite difficult to design but I will do my very best to create an precious object that represents an abstracted idea from the story.
Stay tune for my study model! 

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