Assignment 3 – Goldberg Machine Process

I did quite a few sketches before I start as we need to pre-plan before hand, what is gonna happen in between the frame. 

After some sketches, I felt that by drawing that much doesn’t really help a lot. It does helped us visualize in a way but we still have to test, trial and error to know whether does it physically work in the way we wanted.

For me personally, I felt that I’m the person that I needed to make the actual thing rather than drawing, so it will give myself a better understanding of the whole structure.

I started by gathering and listed the materials that I needed for my structures. Example like the toilet roll to represent pinnochio’s nose, and some wooden chop sticks that I consolidate whenever I’m having dinner with my friends in school.

Wooden chop sticks to represent the cage

The cage is  done!!

In my whole structure, I’ve 3 parts to build on.

First is the stage where pinocchio started his show.

The second part is where the ball will hit the platform and the coins  and fall into the money bag which pushes all the weight down which will triggered the pulley system.

The 3rd part of the structure, the pulley will pull the cube upwards and the axe will fall and blocked which allows the ball to roll towards the cage.

For this image (The Pulley wasn’t in at the moment)

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