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Project 1 – 2D – Final Process & Final

Final Work (Scroll down for the process)


Concept & Techniques

I really like the concept of this "Sadness' that I made which by using sponge and gently tap on the paper. The contrast shows the sorrow in the images and separating the negative and positive space.


Concept & Techniques

By using the chisels and pouring white paint and water into the can, it gives a lighter and splatter effects. I was inspired by looking on the glass panel on the bus while its drizzling outside. A very good example at the bottom image.I felt like its representing a sharp knife cutting against your wrist while blood is bleeding out of the wound.


Concept & Techniques

I felt that "Surprises" are like colorful painting splashes around you. It brings you Joy, fun and the beautiful memories of your friends in your mind. Every splashes representing a unique memories and surprises of you and your friends. As Surprises comes in different forms and degree 
of excitement.


Concept & Techniques

I mixed the black ink with water and by taking a brush to drip the droplets on the paper. After the progress, I fold a piece of paper to act as a straw which gives a different kind of techniques. While blowing air to the droplets, it spread into different directions which define "Spreading Happiness". It may be seen like a series of mini palms giving Hi-5 to people around him.


Concept & Techniques

As love comes in different forms, you can see the differences in the shapes, sizes and the contrast between each thumbs. By printing your right thumb it is also a form of identity of an individual.


Concept and Techniques

By using my right thumb to set myself as the identity and uses the sponge to paint around the thumb which create a emotion of fear aka "Stage Fright" The white space around the thumb defined as private space when you're surrounded by people.

Overall Reflection

First of all, What i felt that the mark making was an amazing experience allowing to express our emotions through lines. Overall, I felt there is always room for improvement and by exploring more techniques of mark making so it will aid me in my future project!

Project 1 – 2D – Research and Experimenting (Part 2)

Experimenting  Part 2

It was fun experimenting using objects that can be found in the natural or in supermarket.

It was fun using random leaves that I found in the neighborhood, so I decided to process with the mark making. The results was good, it gives a whipping effects which describes the feelings as anger.  But it was too repetitive which is one of the major problems that I am facing.

By using food can also produced very unique effects. This was one of my favorite biscuit back in my childhood days. After the outcome of the effect, I felt it looked more like a emotion for fear. which narrow down into the emotion, panic.

This was one more interesting object, wooden stick that I found in the neighborhood. When I picked up the interesting branches it looks like a cane which our parent used to cane us pretty badly. I felt that cane representing anger, as our parent used to hit us using cane, whenever they cane us its like a relieved for them. It gives off a whipping effects too, which like blood spreading out of the wound.Overall, it was a fun experience doing the mark making and also finding the right objects to illustrate our emotions in it. What I learnt is that repetitive and too literal icons will not look much appealing to our artwork.