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Project 3 – Ego – Final / Reflection

Project 3 – Ego in Different Settings

I first came up with the idea of using  “food” as my main topic because I get hungry easily! When I’m hungry, I’m angry! >:[ but I try not to get angry easily. hahaha! Probably if you steal my food or something then it will triggered me. >:[

So I decided to design out different perspectives of me when I’m with my mom, my dad, when I’m craving of something and lastly what if I’m hungry and I started eating too much? As I will be designing it in a humorous way, my overall designs has to look funny.

#1 – Row

For my first row I decided to go for

Me (Craving for something sweet) + (But the fridge is empty) = Angry(Where’s my Ice-cream!)

As whenever I’m craving for something, I will always open up the fridge first and I know my mom will always stocked up some ice-creams in the fridge but whenever I open up the fridge my ice-cream always went missing because my brother stole them all!
I uses analogous for all my work, for the first one I decided to use something lighter like pastel color to represent (sweetness), something light and bright in color.

The overall colour was actually taken from our childhood biscuit which representing sweetness.

Pastel colors to represent Sweetness

#2 – Row

Me (Dislike Vegetable) + When Mom is cooking =  Forced to eat vegetables

I decided to use the lighter and darker greens as the main colour for the backdrop and the broccoli, the lighter bluish and orange making them as secondary colour.

Bluish = Sadness

Orange = Confidence/Independent

When I was young, my mom will usually forced me to consume the vegetables that she cooked. I don’t really like the texture of the broccoli which sometimes hard to chew. That’s the whole row is about!

#3 – Row 

Me (Obsessed with durians) + When Dad is buying Durians = Happiness overload 

Green and Yellow = Durians

Blue = Cool tone / Calm

Red = Love / Obsessed

Whenever when my Dad asked me to follow him down to our neighborhood, I knew he will buy durians as it was part of our family traditional.

#4 – Row 

Me (I’m Hungry) + When eating fast food = Feeling anxious and bloated 

Red/Yellow = Mcdonalds to represent Fast food (Backdrop)

When driving in a dark high way, the red and yellow stands out the most which easier for people to notice the bright branding colors.

Blue = Sad / Unwell and Anxious.

Orange = Fried food

This is me when I’m feeling unwell cause I’m hungry! But sometimes when I’m hungry and I ate too much I feel anxious and bloated which resulted forcing myself to vomit out.




Overall, it was a fun experience taking lots of selfie of myself to put it in my editing as my design requires many funny faces to really brings out the humorous style for all of my work. I totally enjoyed myself doing while trying to pick the right color schemes to create different kind of atmosphere and mood. Although there are always room for improvement I felt that I actually did slightly better than my previous assignments which is the project 2 forrest gump but dealing with black and white is actually much better than dealing with colors because there are tons of color to choose from! nevertheless, it was an amazing experience to challenge ourselves! Good luck to the next batch of year 1! Woooo! We made it !!