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Project 3 – Ego – Process/After Consultation

At first I wanted to do something like a different colour harmony in every frame, but right after consultation, Prof Mimi redirected me to focus on having the consistency by having the same color schemes in a row. I decided to give it a try on and also changing the color of the analogous.

This is some example of my first few draft where red was uses before consultation, green was indeed needed in this design. I somehow felt that by uses Hulk to portray anger and ofcourse as Hulk is always angry but he’s still green.

This is one of my first few draft where I wanted to play around to kick start myself. But ofcourse this isn’t what I wanted. Just trying and playing around. Actually I do have more of my drafts but somehow when I track back I lost some of my progression due to not saving them properly! So remember guys!!! ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK!!!!! I could have show more of my drafts!!! D:

I also enjoyed during the process as I needed photos of myself in the editing of my design. I uses liquify to change and enhanced my facial expression to give a little more humorous and comical kind of effect. This is the very first time in my life, I’ve taken so much selfies using my phone and also I’ve incorporated photographs of my dad and mom too! But too shy to show haha!! Just myself will do 😀


Process of my face using photoshop with liquify to enhance the facial expression for every designs! Looks pretty cute! hahaha.