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Project 3 – Ego – Artist Reference

Artist References

Christophe Gilbert – Photographer/Editor

Credits to Christophe Gilbert

Looking through his amazing portfolio of work, we’re left speechless by the way he can manipulate liquids like paint and water.

Erik Alm – Photographer/Editor

Credits to Erik Alm


Erik Alms is a San Francisco based photographer who creates award-winning advertisements for top tier brands including Microsoft, Toyota, and Nike. He’s known for his near perfect lighting and focus, which are demonstrated, in his beautiful photos of sweeping vistas and surreal landscapes.

Most of his works are pretty much very light in color and making the subject at the foreground, which really stands out from the image.

RodneyPike  – Humorous illustrator

Credits to Rodney Pike

His name is Rodney Pike and is a Humorous Illustrator. He has a lifetime of experience in Fine Art and Graphic Design and Digital Illustration. He offered Photo-Manipulated Illustrations of all sorts but specialize in Photo-Manipulated Caricature Illustration, Humorous Illustration and Political Satire, perfect for magazines, books, etc.

This is something that I would like to try on my artwork as it has humorous style in it which suitable for my project “Ego”.

Project 3 – Ego – Research on Color Theory

I did some research on color theory as I’m actually kind of weak in designing with colors. The previous project on 2D was to play with black and white (threshold) which was much easier than the current project.

As I know that I need some improvement and knowledge about colors, I went on to do some research about it. I also went on further to research on how color affects our mood.

I also found some link which aid us just by choosing the categories of color theory and moving the colour wheel.

Amazing website for us to have a better understanding of color which really helps me a lot.