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Assignment 3 – Goldberg Machine Final

Final Layout with Video! 

Final Lay out after painting it black

Reflection / Challenges

It was working properly when I tested it before presentation, It somehow didn’t work the way I wanted. I was pretty disappointed about it but it did work based in the video. Somehow,I felt that the speed of the motions can be much slower down. That’s one of the biggest challenges that I faced. If I was given a second chance to rebuild the whole structure, I believed I can improve on and do it better with a different kind of layout. Instead of doing it this way, (Above) I could have done or build it in a way that the mechanisms is against the wall.

For this project, I learnt of gathering materials and trying to do things in my minimum budget which is $10. Actually I found most of my items inside the recycle bin in our 3D foundation room. It may look like a big mess of rubbish in it but if you search carefully inside the bin you may find what you wanted.


Assignment 3 – Goldberg Machine Process

I did quite a few sketches before I start as we need to pre-plan before hand, what is gonna happen in between the frame. 

After some sketches, I felt that by drawing that much doesn’t really help a lot. It does helped us visualize in a way but we still have to test, trial and error to know whether does it physically work in the way we wanted.

For me personally, I felt that I’m the person that I needed to make the actual thing rather than drawing, so it will give myself a better understanding of the whole structure.

I started by gathering and listed the materials that I needed for my structures. Example like the toilet roll to represent pinnochio’s nose, and some wooden chop sticks that I consolidate whenever I’m having dinner with my friends in school.

Wooden chop sticks to represent the cage

The cage is  done!!

In my whole structure, I’ve 3 parts to build on.

First is the stage where pinocchio started his show.

The second part is where the ball will hit the platform and the coins  and fall into the money bag which pushes all the weight down which will triggered the pulley system.

The 3rd part of the structure, the pulley will pull the cube upwards and the axe will fall and blocked which allows the ball to roll towards the cage.

For this image (The Pulley wasn’t in at the moment)

Assignment 3 – Presentation of Story (Goldberg Machine)

We are tasked to present a short scene for our final project, so I decided to pitch pinocchio as I felt that generally everyone knows the story of pinocchio so It will be easier for everybody to understand my project.

This is the scene that I picked.

After presentation, the assignment was given! (Nightmare!!!!!)
We have to create a goldberg machine within inside a frame or preferably a frame with any kind of materials.

I did quite a lot of research as I’m quite confused about how the system work.

Even a 10th grade student can do better than us!!! Oh noooo!!





3D – Assignment 2


By using the same process as the study model, using salt, vinegar, bleach but the result didn’t turn up so well because I wanted to have the brownish effects on my model. So I was recommended by my classmate to put in as many copper clips as possible to soak them with the chemical. At the end of the process, I used a portable bunsen burner to burn some parts of the metal tin which gives little more detailed on the corrosion tins.

Final Model

The shape of the metal tins was inspired by a picture of lamp that I saw online, I felt that it gives a better form than my previous study model but after the consultation, the shape could be better if its constant like having the same shape.

Picture of my study model and the final form.

Some details to improve on and take note is that I have to keep things consistency for the next project. I used the wrong glue to stick the supports on my model which resulted ugliness on my model because the yellowish glue is too distracting. There’s something I need to focus and improve on!

3D – Project 2 – Study Model


Firstly, I went to Art friend to buy the aluminium sheet and cut out some shapes for my study model. I also went online to research on how and what the process of making the metal corrode. It started off with pouring some vinegar, bleach and salt on a container and soak the metal tins in it. The whole process will take days depending on how much or the detail you want to achieve. For me I’m making from a series and the process of corrosion (new to old).


Above picture is an example of the process of soaking the metal tin into different kinds of liquid/chemical that I pre-mixed. The chemical has an very strong odour that I don’t really recommend to do it in the indoor place but I really enjoyed the process of making them and having fun experimenting them.

Study Model

After consultation, there are quite a few things to improve on, firstly is that the corrosion needs to be more obvious because the gradients of corrosion has to be stands out with more detail. I will continue to work on the process of corrosion and explore more chemicals. My professor told me to add in some colour dye or soak them into it which hopefully the metal will start to absorb the dye in. My friend also recommended me to put in some paper clips that is made in copper and to mix them with the chemical which hopefully gives a rusty kind of look on the metal tin.

Another things to improve on is the base, I will use transparent acrylic and some tubes to create the base so the metal will stands out more instead of using black cardboard.

3D – Project 2 – My Precious: Object Stories

Precious object

My precious object was a watch that ran out battery and took out the strap as it has worn off while using back then. I bought this fossil watch back while I was in USA so it was an memorable object which brought many important memories throughout my trip there with my friends.

From an object – Watch, I was able to extract some important words that was quite significant related to it. I’ve chosen some key words, example, one of it is metal which is the material that made the watch another one is time which symbolise the watch.

I’m using metal to create process of new to corrode as to symbolise the word time. The model that I made has to be aesthetically pleasing which it I find it might be quite difficult to design but I will do my very best to create an precious object that represents an abstracted idea from the story.
Stay tune for my study model! 

3D – Process & Final Work



While developing my final artwork, I found out a quick and easy way to mark the dots on your plane so it will be easier for the needle to go through. I marked them carefully on the tape while carefully observed the final outcome of the layout of the strings. After trying to play around with the shapes of the planes, I managed to get a unique shape out of it and by putting tapes around to secure the angels and the shape.

Process of Sewing

I managed to overcome some challengers while putting different colors of strings into the planes. I realized whenever I tried to change strings, the tension wasn't there anymore so I have to slowly pull the corner of the string to tighten up the middle session of the plane. I really like the outcome of the different colors cooperate into the plane.

Middle Session

A clearer picture of the middle session which I really like the tensions of the strings.

Final Artwork

I uses some strings like the one on the left(White) to secure on another plane on it to tighten the shape so it wont look like its loose.
I felt that, there's a lot room of improvement to my final artwork, like the strings can be a little more tensions to it like not tangling around. But overall, it was a good and fun experience exploring the ideas and training our sewing technique.

3D – Research and development (Part2)

Study Model 2


After some research and ideas in mind, I decided to process with my study model 2.
Started off by cutting the paper into a letter "W", I felt that by cutting into a shape of W, it gives a series of angels for me to bend them without putting so much forces in it and it has lots of angels to play with.


By default its best to mark the dots to sew through before making the patterns and shape out of the plane because the final model will be a different and thicker material. This is one of the process that I learnt.

Study Model 2 (Final Outcome)
I felt that it has lots of things to improve on, example like the shape needs to be properly form and must be good in all angles,  The strings is roughly what I want as I remembered carefully where's the dots are placed.

 But I might changed the whole layout again as this is part of the study model! I believed the next outcome will be a solid one.

3D – Research and development (Part1)

Study Model 1


Above are my study model for my 3D assignment. We are tasked to create something unique using paper and strings. By folding them into different sharps we also have to take in consideration of how we can improve through series of bending, scoring and even cutting.

This is my very first time sewing strings to paper. At first it was pretty though but as we goes on and  slowly, it actually improve our techniques of sewing them together. But the above model doesn’t really look nice in every angles as I didn’t not do any research before making this in class so I decided to research more of it and trying to improve on my next study model.