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Project 4 – Interactive Artwork – Research

The I-Ching Art Installation Involves 64 Chinese Phrases

Created by artist Huang Rui, the I-Ching art installation is hosted at the Opposite House hotel in Beijing, China. When the artist is presenting, guests are invited to hold one of the umbrellas and form a circle. Following the artist’s cue, the participating guests can then communicate with one another either aloud or in silence. From above, the umbrellas look like the yin-yang symbol.

Somehow, the usage of umbrella concept is pretty unique as we only uses umbrella when there’s rain but not in the indoor.


The light installation CLOUD

Cloud is an interactive sculpture created from 6,000 incandescent light bulbs by Canadian artists Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett. The piece utilizes pull chain switches and everyday domestic light bulbs, re-imagining their potential to catalyze collaborative moments and create an enveloping, experiential environment.