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Visual Storytelling – Project 2 – My Creation




My Creation, is a interactive storytelling through WIX using 15 images to tell a story. 
As Human experimenting has always been part of his dream to fulfill. James, a mad scientist who started his first few experiments on dogs that he kidnapped around his neighborhood.
On the day 104th of his final experiment, He drugged his entire family and proceed with his experiment which he planned long ago. As he completed his experiments, he decided to hibernate himself inside the chamber.

This is our very first time, trying something new by using 15 images or more to create our very own story. I felt that it’s very similar to our storyboarding in filmmaking but in a different way because it is more like freezing in the moment instead of something involving in time.

I personally felt that this is a very interesting project for us to explore and also to allow us to pre-plan the whole story structures.

We are also allowed to use various mediums to construct the 15 image but for this project, I uses photoshop to photo manipulate and composite them all together. One of the challenges that I faced is that it is difficult to keep all 15 images consistency and proper fit them into the story.  One solution, is that you have to keep all the photographs in a consistence color tones.