Once Upon A Blue Book – Shawn, Chloe & Ryan.

Once Upon A Blue Book

In the quiet part of the library sits a hopeful book patiently waiting for someone to pick him up and read him, he sits quietly on the dusty shelves looking at all the university students walk past him. Hopeful that someone will find some use of him one day, Bryan patiently waits to be lifted from his boring state. The unexpected one day finally happens as Sam, an art history major picks Bryan up and browses him along with the other books waiting to be borrowed. Along the way to the counter, Sam bumps into another student and drops Bryan by accident. Without knowing Bryan was left behind, Sam continues to walk away leaving Bryan to fend for himself. Will Bryan stay still on the ground and hope for Sam to notice, chase after him? Or will he be left for the librarian to come by and return him back onto the shelves to live the rest of his boring life. Bryan goes on a journey through the library as he tries to make his way back to Sam without the notice of anyone in the library! Along his journey he will meet new books that experience the same fate as they join forces to make their way to the counter and leave their horrid lives on the shelves.



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