Process of “Mark Making Techniques”

Mark Making “Syringe”

While rolling the black ink on the piece of paper, I used the syringe to scribble around and by pressing my thumbs against the paper to achieve the above prints effect. 

I'm pretty amazed by the outcome and would love to experiment more of it.

Mark Making “Fork”

This is another amazing technique that I used to achieve the above prints effect. By pressing a piece of paper against the black ink and using the sharp edges of the fork scribbling around.

Mark Making “Leaves”

The effects above was done by just tapping the leaves on the black ink on the piece of paper.

It was quite a unique experience and fun experimenting new textures and patterns. 

I'm in love with the process!

Mark Making “Carving”

This was one of the hardest techniques compared to the first few above. Firstly, You have to carve the patterns out using the wood carving tools for the lino and then you have to be gentle and safety always come first while uses this technique. Before carving you also have to make sure that the directions of the image is right.

Although it took me sometime to figure out, overall it was a fun process which we get to experiment all the techniques which will definitely help in our process and research for theme "My Line is Emo" project.

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