Project 2: (Image, Sound and Memory) – Goodbye, Emily

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Summaries of Goodbye, Emily

Emily is a girl who suffered from depression, by using the tape recorder to record her sorrows in every places she visited. Which helps her to keep things on track but she decided to end her life at the very end.

This is a recording of her whenever she felt that she isn’t herself (Depression thoughts). I skipped some days in the middle part if you did hear carefully in the recording to represent she’s alright and a sense of fighting against her depression, but she still decided to give up and live on with her depression.

I wrote it in a point of view story-telling method, it allows the viewers to listen and understand that they are actually the one who played and rewind the tape recorder at the very end.


I got my inspiration of writing something regarding about depression through a video that I saw on my Facebook feed. It was actually a video of 36 hours before the death of  “Chester Bennington” the lead singer from the famous band “Linking Park”.

As we can’t really judge by seeing someone’s emotion and someone who suffered from depression will always protrayed a side of their happiness but we did not know actually they are dying inside. That concludes the story that I wrote.

RIP Chester Bennington.

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