Seminar Questions

Seminar Questions

What is sound?

Sound vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear. Each sound, as it is created, propagates amongst the hard Newtonian billiard balls of matter, adding to an internal din from which the cosmic maker, at the end of the creation, can discern every act, word and deed. The atmosphere is in effect a cosmic recording medium, and the hush we hear is still air holds, encoded, the words of all time. Almost every activity in the world has an aural component.

How has it been use in culture and society?

Sound is an art which often been used in the exhibitions that include a subset (sometimes even all) of the following music, kinetic sculpture, instruments, activated by the wind or played by the public, conceptual art, sound effects, recorded readings of prose or poetry, visual artworks which also make sound, paintings of musical instruments, musical automatons, film video, technological demonstrations, acoustic re-enactments, interactive computer programs which produce sound, etc. The invention of phonograph presented a different set of observations when playback three sounds were heard and in various musical cultures, a variety of sounds and figurations assumed the role of creating the presence of silence.

What makes it an art?

A art form called ‘Steel Art’ which composed of steel sculpture combined with steel guitar music along with anything else with steel in it which overall its about the aesthetic experience as art the medium is not often the message.

How does advancement in audio technology affect our sense?

The advancement in audio technology creates illusion which affects our senses through sound. It is also simulating reality in films which gives audience a new sensations through visuals and audios. Special sound tracks were also created certain mood which affects the senses and emotions of the viewers.

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