Sound Art – Interesting finds

Sound Art Artist: Samson Young


The Hong Kong-born and based Samson Young is currently drowning the world in sound with his politically-charged performances and installations (and will represent Hong Kong at the 2017 Venice Biennale).

A very interesting information that I found is that he watched six hours of compiled footage of US bombs dropping in the Middle East on mute, and then recreated the sounds of the carnage on a custom-made setup of instruments and non-instruments, like a can of compressed air, or a shaving razor.

Sound Art Artist: Tarek Atoui


Another amazing interesting sound art installation and instruments from Tarek Atoui. He studied contemporary and electronic music in Paris when he was still a student. His current practice finds the artist building custom instruments, like for his “Reverse Sessions series”, an ongoing project currently staging performances at the Tate Modern.

He built 10 unconventional instruments including blowing horns and teacups—and invited a series of fellow instrument makers and composers to improvise with them. The sessions are then layered on top of each other to create a final sound piece, a multilayered synthesis of the summer’s work. Its really changes your perspective of how sounds can relate to your emotions.


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