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3D – Process & Final Work



While developing my final artwork, I found out a quick and easy way to mark the dots on your plane so it will be easier for the needle to go through. I marked them carefully on the tape while carefully observed the final outcome of the layout of the strings. After trying to play around with the shapes of the planes, I managed to get a unique shape out of it and by putting tapes around to secure the angels and the shape.

Process of Sewing

I managed to overcome some challengers while putting different colors of strings into the planes. I realized whenever I tried to change strings, the tension wasn't there anymore so I have to slowly pull the corner of the string to tighten up the middle session of the plane. I really like the outcome of the different colors cooperate into the plane.

Middle Session

A clearer picture of the middle session which I really like the tensions of the strings.

Final Artwork

I uses some strings like the one on the left(White) to secure on another plane on it to tighten the shape so it wont look like its loose.
I felt that, there's a lot room of improvement to my final artwork, like the strings can be a little more tensions to it like not tangling around. But overall, it was a good and fun experience exploring the ideas and training our sewing technique.