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3D – Assignment 2


By using the same process as the study model, using salt, vinegar, bleach but the result didn’t turn up so well because I wanted to have the brownish effects on my model. So I was recommended by my classmate to put in as many copper clips as possible to soak them with the chemical. At the end of the process, I used a portable bunsen burner to burn some parts of the metal tin which gives little more detailed on the corrosion tins.

Final Model

The shape of the metal tins was inspired by a picture of lamp that I saw online, I felt that it gives a better form than my previous study model but after the consultation, the shape could be better if its constant like having the same shape.

Picture of my study model and the final form.

Some details to improve on and take note is that I have to keep things consistency for the next project. I used the wrong glue to stick the supports on my model which resulted ugliness on my model because the yellowish glue is too distracting. There’s something I need to focus and improve on!