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How have artists made us think about labor? This past weekend, I saw this wonderful intervention by a dance company in Singapore in making us think about the migrant laborers in Singapore. They foregrounded the laborers by placing them on stage, by responding to their poems, and by inviting them to watch this celebration of their lives. Share with the class an image or a article that brings up this issue of labor.


I am always touched by those art forms that depicts the insignificant life but great contribution of those labors who are the foundations of all of our urban development. However, I also feel a bit ironic about all those art works. Because i can always feel that those artist are doing these art with a commiserative heart, as if they are superior human beings who did not forget about their miserable friends. But I think they dont need sympathy. They need law, rules and justice that both control them and protect them.

Urbanisation from very beginning brought a lot opportunity and problems. Since first industrial revolution, the pace of urbanisation just become faster and faster. More people rush to the city to look for a living and the city keeps expanding. Almost every developed city had been through this process, and despite all the modern looks of these metro-cities, there are many labour who are there, but yet not being seen.

For examples, foreign workers who did all the heavy and dirty works are totally not treated with fair and equal terms. and they are also not being respected by Singaporeans. Whenever I heard about this topic, I just feel all Singaporeans are just being hypocrite for this issue.



This is just a very very rude and shallow video.

well, though I dont think all singaporeans think this way. But obviously many young people nowadays dont know how to respect people.


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