Wk7 Bedroom style

If you could have a room of your own, how would you set about decorating it? Chinoiserie? Japonaiserie? 

Actually both Chinoiserie and Japonaiserie are western styles that evolved since 17th century due to the trade between Western word and Eastern world.  I guess in westerners’ eyes that all the chinoiserie  and Japonaiserie interiors including wallpapers and furnitures are reflecting the mysterious oriental world. However, as a true chinese,  I actually perceive a strong sense of western aesthetics from  both style.

First of all, wallpaper  is really a western thing. Traditional Chinese or Japanese interiors do not use wallpaper to decorate their house.  But nowadays, the fashion of using wallpaper has been spread to the eastern world.  I think I would like to have a room that is decorated with Chinoiserie wallpaper.  Instead of using normal illustrative and pure floral pattern, wallpapers that have figures and stories to tell would be more interesting.


However, I still have to say,  use ceramic  vause as the base of a lamp is not very professional.   It is beautiful and creative, but it simply not following the initial attention of the creator of chinese blue and white ceramics.


Chinoiserie style is like a half-blood child of the western world and eastern world. It shows exciting and exotic feel at everywhere. But in the end, in a chinese’s eye, it is still a bit childish to a small extent.


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  1. I agree with you, wallpapers are a western thing and we always adopt them somehow, in general, asians always adopt some western influence in their life. I like how you consider the perspective of a chinese’s eye of chinoiserie. Real chinese would even see them as a disgrace of their culture.

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