Wk8 ACM trip

What was your favorite object from today’s visit to the Asian Civilizations Museum?

Below was two objects I picked up from the trip photos. I always enjoy go to museum and listen to the introductions by the museum guid. The lady who led this tour is really knowledgeable and humorous. Thanks her for such an interesting and informational tour. 

Museum is amazing. I always like to image the life that the piece of artifact may represents. 

The necklace and textile from one hundred years ago is amazing, not only because its level of aesthetics demonstrated, but also because its level of imagination. Nowadays, many brands and designs like to emphasis on abstract qualities, and japanese minimalistic aesthetics are also being highly valued. I’m not saying that is wrong, I also enjoy the sense of joy brought by “blank”  However, I think we should not abandon the beauty from the complicated and decorative design that bears all the good wishes and hope from that culture. 

2015-10-06 10.36.27  Seurapi (necklace) with nine pendats Ca.1900, Aceh, North Sumatra

Acehnese Jewellery

Aceh is one of the few areas, aside from the northeastern Malay states, in which the faceted granulation technique was used. Old Acehnese gold jewellery resembles ornaments from Kelantan, across the Melaka Straits, in its use of red staining and minute detailing. The innovative feature of gold from Aceh lies in its use of enamel on gold, as in the mesh bracelet on display. This technique was probably acquired through Aceh’s sustained contact with the wider Islamic world of Mughal india and Ottoman Turkey.

2015-10-06 10.49.37

Ceremonial hanging depicting a scene from the Ramayana

India, coromandel Coast, late 18th century Cotton (stencilled, mordant-dyed, and painted)

This is a typical representation of the battle between Rama, crown prince of Ayodhya, and Ravana, demon king of Lanka. The main characters are in the centre and surrounded by battle scenes. This textile was made in India for export to Southeast Asia. Such textiles were often treasured as heirlooms in Indonesia, and brought out during ceremonies

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